How We Do It


Our extensive industry background means that there isn't something you can throw at us that we haven't seen before. You name it, we've dealt with it — fragile merchandise, odd-shaped merchandise, even hazardous materials. We understand the vagaries of global business — its rules, its customs regulations, even its holidays. You don't have to be an expert in those things because we already are.


We don't just worry about getting your product to its destination. We worry about getting it to its destination faster and less expensively. More important, we understand that shipping doesn't always go smoothly. One of the toughest processes to master in logistics is exception management, but it's what Core Logistics does best. We know that with experience and solid contingency plans in place, we can still ensure that your products get to where they're supposed to be. And if they are late, you'll know before your customer even asks about them.


We can provide these customized services because we specialize in creating automated capabilities. The more automation there is, the less manual labor there is. That helps us keep costs down. But our technological capabilities don't stop there. We compile, disseminate, and distribute information to the appropriate parties or applications in your company in the appropriate way on the appropriate device. That way we can ensure timely notification to every single department within your organization that needs it, in a format that best suits their needs.